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I know that when I first became a stay-at-home mom, my friendships changed. I was a new mom with the best gift in the world, realizing a love I never knew before and yet somehow found myself lonely at times. Understandably, my working mom friends devoted their extra time to their children and families. My friends without kids didn’t understand my 2-3 hour window of free time between naps, not to mention always having a baby in tow. All the older moms I knew had amazing circles of friends, whom they met once their child started school.

I didn’t want to wait 3+ years to meet a new best friend. As a result, I found myself in a mommy “dating pool.” I would attempt to meet other moms at Target, Trader Joe’s, the park, swimming pool, or any other baby-centered activity. I joined various mommy groups, but the sole commonality was that we all had a child born in 2011. That was too general to find a good connection with another mom. I wanted deeper friendships, like I’ve always had prior to having a child. I was in the next phase of my life and I wanted friends who were in the same place, but also had similar interests and personality. I knew they had to be out there.

If you are feeling the way I was, this is your gateway to connect. This site is solely devoted to helping moms make new friends during this cherished chapter of your life. Maybe you want to find a neighbor that enjoys 9 a.m. walks. Maybe you are interested in a baby exchange or co-op structure to sneak in an exercise class without your little bumpkin. You could be a working mom that wants to meet another working mom whose schedule more aligns with yours. The possibilities are endless and the site functionality will continue to develop based on feedback from users.

Mission Statement

Mommymatch.com provides a platform to search, sort, and narrow local prospective Mommy friends. If someone fits your profile for a potential friendship, send a message to meet, go for a walk, get a cup of coffee, or whatever works for you and your potential Mommy Match!


Mommymatch.com is also a place to review husband profiles so your husbands may potentially become friends. For a great fit, everyone needs to get along, right? Whatever the case may be, this site was developed FOR YOU – so you could find someone that (1) is geographically desirable, (2) has a similar aged child, and/or (3) has similar interests — so you can find your Mommy Match!



Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.


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